It amazes me that some of those that are concerned with  population control  and the environment are so determined to do things in cruel and thoughtless ways.  It seems like we have degenerated from homo sapiens to homo robotus or homo idiotus or  homo cannabilistus.  Wars, poisoning, and other controlling and destructive methods are cruel and mean spirited.  Why do we ignore loving, caring, and goodwill methods?  As I have pointed out before, one obvious method is to ensure that all adults have incomes above survival which social credit dividends would do.  The evidence for that is that developed nations are not reproductively replacing their populations.  The other method that I have hesitated to mention before is homosexuality.  Is that not obvious??   WE need to stop being control freaks with such destructive attitudes.  Too many in power are like bulls in china closet.


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Bill Gates favors death panels, poisoned farmland

…Back in May of 2009, The London Times reported that some of the “richest people in the world met in New York to discuss their favorite causes”. The group, which included such notables as Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, decided, during that meeting, their money would best be spent on reducing the world’s population.


The London Times said, “the meeting took place at the home of Sir Paul Nurse, a British Nobel Prize winning biochemist, and president of Rockefeller University”, and that Gates was the organizer of the gathering. In February of 2009, Gates outlined a project to reduce the world’s population by one billion – eliminating one of out every projected nine people on the planet, or 11 percent of the world’s population.


…The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with David Rockefeller’s Rockefeller Foundation, the creators of the GMO biotechnology, are also financing a project called The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) headed by former UN chief, Kofi Annan. Accepting the role as AGRA head in June 2007 Annan expressed his “gratitude to the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and all others who support our African campaign.” The AGRA board is dominated by people from both the Gates’ and Rockefeller foundations.


Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, Syngenta and other major GMO agribusiness giants are reported at the heart of AGRA, using it as a back-door to spread their patented GMO seeds across Africa under the deceptive label, ‘bio-technology,’ a euphemism for genetically engineered patented seeds. The person from the Gates Foundation responsible for its work with AGRA is Dr. Robert Horsch, a 25-year Monsanto GMO veteran who was on the team that developed Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready GMO technologies. His job is reportedly to use Gates’ money to introduce/force GMOs into Africa.


Millions Of Pounds Of Toxic Poison To Flood U.S. Farmland

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